February 5th 2007

Meet Tricia Sinn

triciaheadshoot1lores2Hello.  My name is Tricia Sinn, and I own a custom home building company called Sinn Design•Build with my husband, Frank.  I’m the design half of the company, and he’s the build half.

A designer by trade, I always approach a project from the perspective of how a family is actually going to LIVE in their house.  Sure, we make it pretty and include all the luxury and cool things that people want – but we make sure that it’s someplace they can really live and be comfortable.

I decided to launch this blog as a way to share real-life stories that I encounter every day.  Throughout the blog, you’ll notice phrases and things that my friends lovingly call “Tricia-isms.”  They’re things that I say all the time, and things that I firmly believe are true and should be considered – like where are you going to watch TV in your pajamas (or your underwear, if that’s how you’re so inclined), cuss & discuss, and for heaven’s sake use every room in your house every day!

If you’ve ever built a custom home, or worked with an architect or designer, you’ve probably never heard these crazy things come out of their mouths.  But think about it – they’re important things to think about when you’re doing something as monumental as building a new house, right?  So why shouldn’t you ask yourself these questions?

I firmly believe that custom building (ground-up or renovation) shouldn’t be the scary, out of control thing that so many believe it to be.  If you approach it correctly, ask the right questions, and (most importantly) know what to do with the answers, custom building should get you exactly what you need, want and can afford – and should be a process that stays on budget with as few bumps in the road as possible.

I hope that you’ll find some entertainment, some words of wisdom, and some guidance for any home project that you may embark upon.  Who knows, maybe someday we’ll get to cuss and discuss together.

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